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Understanding Who You Are

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Understanding Who You Are
  • Small Business Owners

    At S&A Financial Services, Inc., we work with small business owners (1-10 employees) and their CPA's to provide proactive and wholistic solutions. We emphasize the relationship between your financial advisor and your CPA planner (not preparer) in order to make your business more efficient.

    Good communication between your advisor and CPA planner will enable your financial team to help strategize on various financial decisions.

    Don't have a good CPA planner? Think you may have a CPA preparer instead? Contact us and we'll show / tell you how a good advisor / CPA planner can better your financial life.

    Take time to listen to our podcast, Small Business Financial Podcast

  • Educators

    We've specialized in helping those in higher education navigate their retirement plans for over 30 years. At S&A Financial Services, Inc., we have the ability to manage your TIAA and Fidelity accounts directly at your respective university.

  • Pre Retirees

    Still in your accumulation phase? As your fiduciary advisor, we'll work with you to devise a game plan to invest in inexpensive ETF's, mutual funds, and bonds. If you're looking for individual stocks, we can do that too. How much risk are you comfortable with? Take advantage of our RiskAlyze software to help answer that question. Looking to see how much money you should be putting away? Again, take advantage of our MoneyGuide Pro software to help answer that question. Don't worry, we have the experience to put together a customized game plan to get you to and transition into retirement.

  • Retirees

    You've retired, now what? What's the best, most tax-efficient way to take income from all your income sources, including social security? We can simplify a pretty complex financial situation. We've helped retirees generate income from their portfolios since 1994. We have the expertise, research, and necessary technology to help devise a portfolio that should outlive you.

Helping You Consider Every Option

Helping You Consider Every Option

Now and through retirement.....

Whether you’ve worked with an advisor in the past or you’re coming to us for a fresh financial start, we’re dedicated to addressing your financial concerns from every angle possible. Taking this approach allows us to bring a fresh perspective to your biggest financial concerns. Together we’ll uncover your biggest life motivators, highest level of needs and the life you truly envision for yourself and your family.

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